Mercy Ministries - Street Hope

Mercy Ministry Offering 
 January - March:  Street Hope
 Please consider giving to this month's Mercy Ministry, Street Hope. Street Hope works to eliminate the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children in Tennessee and provide safe environments to foster hope and healing through Jesus Christ. It is doing amazing work that is reaching this notorious and evil industry.
 Mercy Ministry Offering is a new giving opportunity to assist and aid mercy ministries currently active here in Knoxville. By doing this we increase both our reach into the city and help those who are doing great works in Knoxville and the surrounding areas. We will take up our Mercy Ministry Offerings each time there is a 5th Sunday (once per quarter). We will also provide information about and ways that you can help those ministries during that quarter.
The dates and ministries are as follows:

1st Quarter - Street Hope 
2nd Quarter -THRIVE 
3rd Quarter - The Knoxville Dream Center
4th Quarter - Hope Resource Center

You can give in person on that Sunday or you can select to give online at any time during the quarter.
For more information about Street Hope please visit:
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